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Our staff has leading roles in major and complex projects in construction and project management. The majority of these projects were in the public sector, and required extensive coordination with various agencies, from regulatory agencies such as EPA, FAA, City, and State, to regional agencies such as RTA and NEORSD. Such coordination included various consultants, contractors, and utility agencies. All projects with our staff involvement were successfully completed on time and within budget. Some of these projects include:

Brookpark Road Relocation – Relocation of a one mile road as part of the $1.2 billion expansion program at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The cost of this project was about $20 million, which included full utility relocation, property vacation and dedication, and coordination with ODOT for the I-480 ramp realignment.  This project was split into six (6) separate packages due to its complexity and critical coordination with other airport projects.


Structural Rebuild of the Long Term Garage– Rehabilitation of the aging parking garage structure of about 2,500 parking spaces for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio. The construction cost for this project was $5 million.


Quality Assurance/Quality Control – This project was approximately $6 million in value, and consisted of providing quality assurance and quality control for construction projects as part of the $1.2 billion capital program for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport in Cleveland, Ohio.

  Big Creek Culvert Restoration and Cleaning– Culvert and stream restoration project with a cost of $6.5 million, that extended from the City of Cleveland to the Cities of Brookpark and Parma, with a total length of 4,500 feet. The project included replacement of the main sewer that passed under the culvert.
  Flats East Bank – Complete replacement of the sewer infrastructure for the entire East Bank area in the City of Cleveland. The cost of this portion of the project exceeded $10 million.
  Euclid Corridor – Major sewer system replacement for an approximate total length of 6,000 linear feet, including new drainage structures. The cost of this portion of the project exceeded $8 million.
  CMHA Valleyview Sewer – Installation of the sanitary and storm sewer system, including force main. The cost of this project exceeded $4 million.


Our staff has developed asset management programs, including the establishment of a complete database encompassing set-up, inventory, inspection, and project planning.   Some of these projects include:

Cleveland Airport System Pavement Management Plan – Executed and successfully completed a major Pavement Management program for Cleveland Hopkins and Burke Lakefront airports, using Micro Paver software. This work included inventory and inspection of about 30 million square feet of airport pavements in both airside and landside.


Structural - PDC has relied on its 20 year staff experience in the engineering industry to put together design packages for buildings with concentration on structural design. They have developed packages for commercial structures including retail, educational, business offices, gas stations, and other types of buildings. In addition to complete design projects, we have worked on special case analysis for trusses, crane supports, special foundation systems, and others. Some of our projects include the following:


Business Offices and Testing Facility: Renovation of an existing 22,000 square foot warehouse structure for use as a testing facility and professional offices. Part of this project was the structural analysis and modification of the existing roof framing to support a new crane.

  Horizon School Academy: Designed a modified foundation system to accommodate the loss of soil structural integrity in the area of the proposed school.



Marathon Gas Station: Designed the extension and full renovation of the existing 3,000 SF structure in Lorain, Ohio.



USA Gas Station: Demolition and new construction of a 4,000 square foot building that included two stores and a gas station on Broadway Avenue in Cleveland, Ohio.


 Speedy Gas Station: Design and construction support for the new 3,000 square foot gas station structure in Warrensville Heights, Ohio.  This structure is used as retail store, deli, and station center.

  Eastown Eagle Supermarket: Designed the renovation of the existing 11,000 square foot supermarket building.

Drainage/Sewer Design - Our staff has successfully completed sewer and drainage design packages, and provided full construction administration services for public projects for 20 years.  These projects varied widely in size, complexity, and cost up to $10 million in value.  This work includes major sewer replacement, new infrastructures, water quality management, stream restoration, sewer analysis and design, and storm water detention.


PDC has played roles in providing expert witness services in the area of engineering. Some of our duties were to review cases, including design packages and technical issues following construction. We have developed expert opinion and performed code analysis on various conflicts. Some of our projects include the following:


Slope failure: Slope failure in close proximity to a residential structure in Bay Village, Ohio. The claim consisted of the impact of this failure on the existing structure and development of structural failures. PDC was retained by the owner to provide opinion, including investigation on design alternatives and cost analysis on corrective measures.

Cleveland Container Terminal: Claims on issues related to the design of a 14 acre truck container terminal in Cleveland, Ohio. The case consisted of incomplete construction claimed by owner against the contractor, and the claim of design omissions. PDC was retained as expert witness for the design consultant to review and provide opinion on this case. Some of the work included investigation on code compliance and erosion and sediment control requirements, and review of design calculations.


Our staff has performed extensive work in the area of erosion and sediment control through various projects since 2001. Inspection on these projects was performed daily, weekly, and at rain events as required. Also, issues were resolved on these projects in coordination with OEPA.  Some of these projects include:

Brookpark Road Relocation - This $20 million project was a critical component of the expansion program at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.  The erosion and sediment control portion was a major task in this project and was handled in coordination with OEPA.

At PDC, Inc, we are certified CPESC to provide design and inspection services in the area of erosion and sediment control. Some of our projects include:



Rockside Road Reconstruction – Middle section: Preparation of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan design.

  Frontage Road E – Independence, Ohio: Preparation of the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan design.
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